5 Steps to Choosing the Best Antivirus

If you are looking for antivirus, you are sure to notice that there are dozens of options. Developers constantly compete to deliver the best quality of services and offer something unique to the customer. That’s why making a choice might turn out to be harder than expected. Let’s find out what things you need to account for before you make a purchase or how to pick the best free antivirus software.

First things first

To be completely satisfied with your future choice, you need to decide whether you want a free or a paid solution. Going from here, you’ll easily sort out the rest of the features and offers. Keep in mind that the first type, free antivirus, is usually a basic program. It helps avoid some threats but doesn’t offer much other than that. The second type, premium antivirus, is superior software that differs in features and prices but often brings you extra tools. This program will protect your desktop or laptop whenever you go online or stay offline.

4 more aspects where your decision is required

The next step will be to get a reliable program that can ensure your device’s complete protection. To do it, you may go through the results of the independent labs’ tests. They objectively rank the software they test running a series of tests. Mind that if one antivirus program got 100% at one test, it does not necessarily state that the rest of the tests are as successful.

If you decide to buy a premium version, you should also define how much you are willing to spend. There are lots of options in different price categories. Very often the price reflects the set of tools you get that’s why the same antivirus might have different prices. However, when you look closely, you discover that the same developer created different versions with various extras to help you get only the tools you need. The price tag will also differ based on the number of devices you need to be covered.

It’s also important to learn about the impact on the system’s performance. Look at the details to make sure your device meets the requirements. Find out how fast the scans are, etc. Some antivirus programs are known to slow down users’ computers, and this is a huge drawback.

Finally, you should make a list of things and tools you expect antivirus software to have. This will help you narrow down the list of options and pick the best antivirus for you.

Top 3 free solutions you should try

Avast Free Antivirus offers one of the biggest bundles of tools and features on the market. While most free versions deliver only free core protection, here you’ll also get a password manager, a safe browser, etc. It’s for personal use only but millions of users can’t be wrong about the quality of protection you get.

Bitdefender also offers a free trial version. It has fewer features but the program has shown great results of malware detection. You can definitely rely on this solution. It has a simple interface even a beginner can easily navigate. When you decide to upgrade, look for promotions and discount codes.

Finally, there’s the Kaspersky Free. This edition is rather basic since a user gets malware protection and a password manager (optional). If needed, you may run scans but other than that, the antivirus doesn’t deliver any extra tools or features. Once upgrades, you’ll get more tools including privacy protection, parental control, safe payments, etc.

The verdict

Now you know a simple way to pick the best antivirus for your device. Just follow the directions or try one of the 3 options mentioned above. They are the best antivirus programs on the market and millions of loyal users are here to prove it.

Advanced Broadcasting Technologies with Couchtuner

In today’s world, video broadcast technology has advanced far. Today, users often prefer to watch online broadcasts rather than use traditional means such as television or cable television. Couchtuner is one of the websites that enable users to view streaming video on the Internet. Using this resource, anyone can broadcast a video or television show online.

This company appeared in 2010, and today it is one of the Internet resources with which users can watch their beloved television programmes, discussion programmes and pictures online. All broadcasts that are available to end-users on this resource are totally free. Besides, anyone can watch television channels with:



Personal Computer


Moreover, as some of the end-users note, even though this site is illegal, it is an excellent replacement for traditional ways of viewing broadcasts. Also, users do not have to walk through the registration procedure to see movies. Accessibility to see all movies can be obtained without any additional delay. Nevertheless, users also noted that the films posted on this resource have inferior quality, and the material itself is somewhat badly arranged. That is why many people have a logical question of how legitimate and harmless it is to view broadcasts on this resource.

What About Legal Issues Here?

As already noted, this site falls into the category of pirated and, accordingly, viewing broadcasts on this site is illegal. The fact is that this resource violates copyright law and demonstrates material that is borrowed from other media sources. For this reason, the site was periodically closed. Nevertheless, this resource has a large number of subdomains.

Do not forget that viewing broadcasts from this resource is illegal and therefore, at any time you may encounter legal problems if you keep to seeing films on this site.

How Safe is it to Watch Broadcasts From the Resource?

Since this site is an illegal resource for streaming various media products, you need to be as careful as possible when viewing any content on this site. Besides, the site contains a vast amount of third-party advertising when you click on it, this will automatically transfer you to some website. At the same time, you can quickly and quietly infect your device, which will subsequently cause serious problems.

For example, when you go to a resource, you may receive a message that you need to log in or renew your media player. However, the links contained in this post have nothing to do with the resource. In this case, switching to dubious sites can put your entire system at considerable risk.

Without a doubt, this resource is one of the most convenient ways to view the latest films and broadcasts on the Internet. Extensive collections of various media products, films, television shows and talk shows are available here. However, despite this, you can often encounter a situation that you cannot find the movie or TV show you want to watch.

Therefore, in any case, the decision is yours. If for you viewing free broadcasts is preferable, then you can definitely choose this resource. However, do not forget that today, there are a considerable number of alternative websites that operate on a completely legal basis.

Why Your Website Needs Links?

Have you ever wondered by Wikipedia and YouTube are always at the top of the search? The answer is actually very simple. It’s because of the number of other sites that use links to their content. This bright example clearly explains why your website also needs to have links. There are 3 types of links and you need to start using all of them. Let’s discuss all of them and find out the peculiarities of each kind.

The classification of links

Now you know the importance of links on your website. How can you create them? You need to know the classification first. There are:

  1. Organic links.
  2. Self-created links.
  3. Outreach links.

Well, the first kind is the most valuable but you can’t create those. Organic links come to your website naturally as the users find some valuable information or another benefit and share it with others. The only way you can grow these links is by delivering relevant information and something that deserves to be shared. Authentic links boost the website in search results a lot.

You can create self-created links. One of the ways to do it is by commenting on blogs and forums and sharing the link to your article, product, service, etc. However, it’s important you keep the comments relevant and avoid spamming. Discover where your potential customers and visitors are and join that community. There’s no guarantee these links will count when the web page is ranked. Nevertheless, they are sure to increase traffic and make it more popular.

The third type of links is outreach ones. Let’s imagine a situation. A high-profile blogger or influencer just wrote a post about your products or services and it’s trending in Google search results. As long as the article as a backlink to your website, you can boost your success as well. It’s a win-win situation especially if you offer something in return (a discount for the customers who use influencer’s promo code, a percent from the sales to the blogger, etc.).

Should you buy links?

While this classification is simple, many people look for ways to speed things up. They just go buy links that lead to their website and expect results fast. Is it possible? The short and confident answer is no! Buying links can actually make things worse, especially if they look like paid links. It’s against the rules and you risk getting taken down by Google.

Even if you don’t think about that, think about your business in general. What’s the point of pretending your business is no 1 if it’s not? Take baby steps and preserve the values of your brand. Besides, there are so many other ways to boost the results.

The bottom line

The links are essential to promote your website in 2019. It’s a time-consuming process that needs lots of attention and hard work. Yet, this is the cost of doing business online. So, make sure your content is great and generate more links to get to the top of the search result.

What Is Link Building in 2019?

2019 has brought new trending ways of adding links to your website. Its influence cannot be argued with. Google search engines rely on the number of these links to deliver the best results. However, the links’ quality is also important. In case you think you may buy them and appear on the 1st search page overnight, you are absolutely wrong. Let’s discuss some methods that work now and ways to benefit from them.

8 techniques of link building to use in 2019

While there are lots of ways to generate link connecting to web pages, there are top 8 options:

  1. Help reporters.
  2. Write about trending things in your blog.
  3. Become a co-author.
  4. Reuse broken links.
  5. Make build link partners.
  6. Get a separate blog to support your website.
  7. Transform mentions into links.
  8. Skyscraper Technique.

Let’s learn more about each of them. The first mentioned technique is also called HARO. It works on the platform designed for journalists. Just pitch a story to a professional writer and get links.

If you’ve got a blog, you should regularly write about hot stuff. It’s a classic activity that is likely to boost traffic. If the quality of content is high, you’ll get links to your articles. The peculiarity of this technique is that it has a short timeframe. The trending topics change very often and you need to stay up-to-date.

Co-authoring is also a great idea to try. If you are an expert, you can share your expertise and experience. As a result, you’ll definitely increase the number of your backlinks.

How to benefit from such techniques?

Use broken links as an asset. Get specially designed tools to add content to the earlier used web pages. Another essential tip you can benefit from is making good professional contacts. New partners are likely to be very useful in the long run. You’ll be able to collaborate and exchange links, write testimonials.

2019 also brought a new trend and link building method. Start a blog if your site doesn’t have one yet. Focus on the spheres that are directly connected to your website and take steps to deliver high-quality content worth sharing. Another clever idea is to turn mentions into links. Very simple and effective technique.

Finally, one of the hardest and yet most effective techniques is the Skyscraper Technique. Create amazing information about a certain issue and then suggest a solution to it via your content as well.

The bottom line

Link building still exists but the forms are constantly changing. When you wish to boost your success using it, focus on the trending techniques gathered in this article. Choose one or two ways to test or combine even more to have great results. Remember that it’s a time-consuming and painstaking process but it’s sure to pay you back in the long run. You’ll gradually grow your expertise, popularity, and rise on the top of the search results.