In today’s world, video broadcast technology has advanced far. Today, users often prefer to watch online broadcasts rather than use traditional means such as television or cable television. Couchtuner is one of the websites that enable users to view streaming video on the Internet. Using this resource, anyone can broadcast a video or television show online.

This company appeared in 2010, and today it is one of the Internet resources with which users can watch their beloved television programmes, discussion programmes and pictures online. All broadcasts that are available to end-users on this resource are totally free. Besides, anyone can watch television channels with:



Personal Computer


Moreover, as some of the end-users note, even though this site is illegal, it is an excellent replacement for traditional ways of viewing broadcasts. Also, users do not have to walk through the registration procedure to see movies. Accessibility to see all movies can be obtained without any additional delay. Nevertheless, users also noted that the films posted on this resource have inferior quality, and the material itself is somewhat badly arranged. That is why many people have a logical question of how legitimate and harmless it is to view broadcasts on this resource.

What About Legal Issues Here?

As already noted, this site falls into the category of pirated and, accordingly, viewing broadcasts on this site is illegal. The fact is that this resource violates copyright law and demonstrates material that is borrowed from other media sources. For this reason, the site was periodically closed. Nevertheless, this resource has a large number of subdomains.

Do not forget that viewing broadcasts from this resource is illegal and therefore, at any time you may encounter legal problems if you keep to seeing films on this site.

How Safe is it to Watch Broadcasts From the Resource?

Since this site is an illegal resource for streaming various media products, you need to be as careful as possible when viewing any content on this site. Besides, the site contains a vast amount of third-party advertising when you click on it, this will automatically transfer you to some website. At the same time, you can quickly and quietly infect your device, which will subsequently cause serious problems.

For example, when you go to a resource, you may receive a message that you need to log in or renew your media player. However, the links contained in this post have nothing to do with the resource. In this case, switching to dubious sites can put your entire system at considerable risk.

Without a doubt, this resource is one of the most convenient ways to view the latest films and broadcasts on the Internet. Extensive collections of various media products, films, television shows and talk shows are available here. However, despite this, you can often encounter a situation that you cannot find the movie or TV show you want to watch.

Therefore, in any case, the decision is yours. If for you viewing free broadcasts is preferable, then you can definitely choose this resource. However, do not forget that today, there are a considerable number of alternative websites that operate on a completely legal basis.