PBN stands for a Private Blog Network. To put it in simple words, these are a few blogs which were created only to build backlinks to money websites. In addition, a money site can also be a part of PBN. Let’s find out how effective it is in 2019 as well as some other peculiarities of its work.

Does it work?

Being against Google policy, it still works. As long as link building works, this method will also exist. Despite all goals, it’s still just a blog. This new name doesn’t change anything. If it doesn’t work, your settings are wrong. Look for a mistake or hire a professional to set things up for you.

The advantages of using PBN

First of all, it’s one of a few things to move the page to the top of the search results. Although searching engines are being developed all the time, you can still get this shortcut. Using this method, you may cut the time needed to build a blog from the very beginning. Even in 2019, PBN is still widely used. However, you have to make smart moves and ensure your investments won’t go in vain. Use only the best algorithms in order to reach the goals. Take a closer look at:
  1. Try to mix PBN + Outreach. Don’t saturate the page with links that connect to the main page. It looks very unnatural. Build links to the inner pages in order to create a more organic picture.
  2. Optimize anchor text. Use only high-quality texts and distribute them wisely. It’s vital to mix various texts, add phrases like “click here”, “find out more”, etc.
  3. Avoid keyword cannibalization. Don’t have multiple pages that rank for the same keywords. Use specialized tools to avoid this. Otherwise, the results will be poor.
  4. Measure link velocity. There is no 100% right information on how many links you have to obtain to rank at the top. Yet, you have to track it in order to see the real changes.
  5. Link PBNs to outreach. This is one of the main trends in 2019. Master this strategy in order to stay efficient.
  6. Go slow with backlinks. At least during the sandbox stage. Treat it as a probation period, test the waters, and follow Google’s rules. Otherwise, you’ll become a red flag and make the case even worse.
  7. Recycle PNBs. Once you reach no 1 in the search results, don’t stop the link velocity. It’ll look suspicious to the algorithm and end up poorly. You may apply various strategies to maintain the activity. For example, kill 1 link and add 2 more or you can kill and replace 1 link per week.
To use PBN or not to use? The decision is all yours. It’s not a fail-proof way to the top of the search results. However, you can be smart about your moves and use it to increase the results and authority.