How to Keep Your Company’s Virtual server protected from potential cyberattack

Threats of cyberattacks concern any business, big or small. You should not neglect security methods, hoping they will pass you by. Security is a hot issue nowadays, even if there are a lot of security tools on the market. It’s important to think about protecting your business online, so in this article, we’ll cover a few ways to avoid potential cyberattacks on your company. 

Find a secure hosting provider

No matter how well built your website is, it won’t be able to function fully if you’re not using secure web hosting. Make sure the server you are using is powerful and of good quality, never use free web hosting, even though it may seem like a very good deal at first. This will jeopardize your website as it will limit its speed and overall space. 

The best web hosting option today is UPU hosting because with it you have your resource allocation and plenty of disk space. 

Protect your devices and network

You should keep an eye on the versions of your software. Make sure that you are using the newest version of it. To save yourself the trouble of constant monitoring, you can set the software to update automatically. Generally, updates do not interfere with the main workflow but at the same time increase the security and resistance of your system to viruses and cyber-attacks. 

 You should also consider implementing a security program. Choose a reliable business antivirus that has anti-spyware, anti-spam, protection against phishing, and other common viruses in its arsenal. 

Also, be sure to pay attention to your firewall, because it mediates between your computer network and the Internet, and can prevent many problems. Install a firewall on all portable business gadgets and remember to update them regularly.

Use Virtual Data Rooms 

Virtual data rooms are unique tools that contain multiple layers of security for your data. Instead of using backup, encryption, and password protection separately, all you have to do is browse through a list of vdr providers, choose the one that meets your needs, and store your documents in that space with peace of mind. 

With VDR, you can also securely share documents, manage access to documents, and track each user’s actions within the system. Programs use dual authentication to avoid unauthorized access, as well as watermarks to avoid data leakage.

Invest in a VPN server

VPN servers are another very effective way to protect your business online. It provides you with complete privacy during online activities, and it also uses traffic encryption. This not only helps you stay anonymous but also helps you access blocked content due to geographic location. VPN hides your IP address and you become virtually invulnerable to cybercriminals or your ISP. 

Train your coworkers or employees about cybersecurity

Even with all the security methods available, they can become powerless if your employees don’t know how to handle them properly. One of the most common causes of data breaches is human error, in other words, someone clicked the wrong thing, and then it was off. 

Provide training for all of your employees to make sure that they all know what they are talking about. Provide live training in the form of hands-on training, give several lectures on cybersecurity awareness. Monitor and evaluate not only programs but employees as well. You might even go as far as hiring technical managers for every department in your organization.


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