Technology continues to evolve and we try to integrate it into our lives as much as possible, so if your company has decided to implement software to simplify some business processes, like a portal for the board, nothing is surprising about it, it’s even good. These programs make your meeting much more convenient and efficient, but you have to go through a few steps to start interacting with them. In this article, we’ll talk about the main problems boards face when using a board portal and help you solve them.

Inability to use modern technology

Sure, there will be those on your board who are brave and willing to use modern technology, but if the level of other board members is somewhat low, it’s not a judgment call. Many need time to adapt to the new environment, and others can help them do so. In addition, most vendors of such programs try to make their interface as clear and user-friendly as possible.

After acquiring the portal for tips no one used it

So that your purchase does not turn out to be a waste of money and time, before you make a purchase you should think about the motivation of the board and understand what your company needs. To soberly answer these questions, we would advise discussing them with other board members, and bringing issues such as:

  • What aspects of our work could be improved and made more efficient?
  • What do we spend the most time on during council at the moment, and how can the digital space help us do that?
  • What specific features should a board portal have to positively impact our company?

Based on the answers to these questions, you can begin your search for the perfect board portal and that way you can be sure that your investment was not in vain.

Low board member traffic to the portal

Of course, adherents of traditional board maintenance won’t be able to switch to remote mode right away; it will take a lot of time. However, your employees should understand that thanks to the , they will be able to work twice as well and make smarter decisions. Features of the board portal include storage of relevant materials, a meeting calendar, and collaboration tools such as polls, discussions, and comments. When implementing the portal, you need to evaluate every aspect of its operation and understand what can be optimized with it.

For some, the ability to use videoconferencing functions can be a huge advantage, as board members may be traveling or even living in another country, so the company saves on travel expenses. You have to choose a program which functions are really necessary, to a large extent, the success of the company depends on it. Once you change the way you manage your board process, there will be much more demand for it.

Training problems

Sometimes pieces of training do not teach but confuse even more because one training contains a lot of information that is simply impossible to memorize at once and begin to use in practice. So before you start in-depth training, try to get acquainted with the practice program, very superficially, just by discussing the functions and their possible application in your activity.

It’s best when the pieces of training are broken down into short videos devoted to one specific function, so your employees can become more familiar with the new system.  


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