My Top Five Dataroom Software – Honest review

Virtual data rooms are a popular web storage facility among entrepreneurs that provide favorable storage and document sharing conditions while providing an excellent level of security. VDRs are used for transactions as it is the only secure place on the Internet where you can afford to leave your confidential data. Today, there are many VDR providers willing to offer their services, but it is impossible to determine their quality at a glance. So in order for you not to waste your time, we have made a review of the top 5 data rooms 2021. 

iDeals Review 

iDeals has been the leader among virtual data room providers for quite a long time. The platform provides secure sharing and collaboration on projects. It allows you to upload files to your space in any form, allow and revoke storage access, and collaborate with stakeholders without any obstacles remotely and in real-time. This data room has excellent data privacy controls and allows you to monitor any activity in its expanse. Even banking systems appreciate its services, as iDeals serves more than 90% of all U.S. banks today. 

VDR’s main functions are: 

  • Possibility to manage anonymity
  • Automatic reporting and auditing
  • Manage data retention, due diligence, and various projects
  • Collaborative capabilities and more

ShareVault Overview

This is another great option for dataroom, which in addition to the basic features also provides a simple management and program interface that even a novice can figure out. You can use it to customize various data, including the logo and URL. 

You have the unique ability to create a company room, and ShareVault also uses browser-based publishing tools with drag-and-drop capabilities.

SecureDocs Overview 

SecureDocs is one of the most user-friendly VDRs when it comes to transaction management. The program is very simple, efficient to use, and secure, with which you can save two major resources in the life of your business: time and money. The platform’s interface is built around a drag-and-drop function, and it also has an electronic signature feature. SecureDocs automates processes such as reporting and auditing, as well as notification of activity on the VDR space, and tracking user activity by their IP address. The security features are also top-notch, the program uses two-factor authentication, encryption and has a configurable NDA. You can control access to your documents by assigning users their roles, which they can see and act in the way that the role allows them to.

Clinked Overview

Clinked, like all of the best data rooms, provides its customers first and foremost security for all activities within the program, but beyond that, it provides you with a customizable workspace and an unlimited number of projects. Clinked is great for collaboration, which will greatly increase your efficiency and help you spend your time at work really productively. With this VDR, you can perfectly build strong business relationships with your clients and employees. 

Digify Overview 

Digify has focused almost all of its resources on protecting your data, it is able to ensure data privacy in companies of all sizes. The administrator can monitor user activities in the space and provide full control over access to the document. Digify has built-in watermarking and restrictions on printing, copying, and document screenshot. Store any data on the platform without any threat of risk.