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Compare Kaspersky and Eset Antivirus: Which is Better?

The choice of a reliable antivirus app is one of the most important tasks for contemporary computer users. Nothing can protect the system better than the big and integrated solution aiming to maintain its stability and data safety.

In this article, we directly compare Kaspersky and ESET antivirus solutions: two apps providing users with necessary instruments to protect them from viruses, Trojans and other infecting PC threats, to block malware websites without causing too much system load.

ESET Internet Security

Without a doubt, it is an excellent complex solution to protect your PC from different virtual threats. Viruses, Trojans, rootkits, adware, malware, spamming apps and everything else gets forgotten after you install the ESET Internet Security application. ESET developers probably think that offense is the best defense because their app has pretty aggressive scanning settings by default. Still, as far as their results are good, it’s all fine, isn’t it?

ESET Internet Security Key Points:

  • Total multi-level virus, adware and malware protection;
  • Personal firewall;
  • Botnet protection and improved exploit blocker;
  • The Anti-Theft function allows finding the stolen laptop;
  • Smart Mode automating the processes of scanning and revealing suspicious files;
  • Minimum false alerts;
  • User-friendly minimalistic interface;
  • 30 days of free trial period.

The ESET Smart Security has everything you might need to protect your PC: several levels of security from any kind of unwanted software or virus, personal customizable firewall to encrypt your connection, parent control, free 24/7 customer support, etc.

The ESET app is great to install and use it on a laptop, as there are special profiles inside it to work on portable computers with lowered power consumption properties. But everything has its price: ESET Internet Security does not offer you a free version with a minimum set of protection.

Additionally, its huge bag of instruments makes this antivirus a resource-taking app. Though, highly adjustable profile settings partially compensate this lack. Additionally, the official ESET website contains much of useful information about optimizing the app.

All in all, ESET Smart Security rightfully is among the most popular and reliable antivirus solutions in the world.

Kaspersky Antivirus

Unlike its current review competitor, Kaspersky offers a free version of its software that usually falls behind other apps in online rankings. It happens mainly because free and some paid alternatives overcome the set of functions provided by the Kaspersky Lab in their free application.

Nevertheless, the protection core of this app is able to secure you from Internet malware objects, viruses, spyware and other threats getting into your hard drive through the network cable or external devices. Developers also say that their app is able to boost the PC performance, but we doubt that.

Key points of the Kaspersky Free Antivirus:

  • Malware files detection and virus removal
  • Protection from suspicious programs, checking their registry records and notes;
  • PC virus security while the user surfs the web and visits social media like Facebook, Twitter etc.;
  • The resource optimization option (didn’t show any significant performance boost while we were testing it).

The premium version of this antivirus app, Kaspersky Internet Security, has the additional built-in personal and banking data protection module, secure file storage, parental control, password manager and other additional functions.


Both ESET and Kaspersky antivirus apps are worth your attention, and the choice mainly depends on planned use cases. If you need a solid free security, pick Kaspersky. In case your priority is maximum protection and reliability regardless of money expenses, ESET Internet Security is your best bet.